January – what to do in you garden

In January, your garden could need protecting from frosts, gale-force winds and heavy rain. Check stakes, ties, fleeces and other supports for damage and consider moving plants to sunnier positions to maximize light. Don’t forget to keep feeding the birds, food is scarce for them over winter. You can also start planning next year’s vegetable plot.

  1. Recycle your Christmas tree by shredding it for mulch
  1. Clean pots and greenhouses ready for spring
  1. Dig over any vacant plots that have not been dug already
  1. Disperse worm casts in lawns
  1. Inspect stored tubers of Dahlia, Begonia and Canna for rots or drying out
  1. Prune apple and pear trees
  1. Start forcing rhubarb
  1. Plan your vegetable crop rotations for the coming season
  1. Keep putting out food and water for hungry birds
  1. Make a polythene shelter for outdoor peaches and nectarines, to protect against peach leaf curl

Source: https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/in-month/january

During the winter it’s the ideal time to plant bare-root hedging & trees.  We have 180 varieties of bare-root roses, plenty of fruit trees and witch hazel which is currently in flower.

Our home-grown primroses are now ready at 80p each, and our potted spring flowering bulbs are just making an appearance, with seed potatoes coming in mid January there are so many reasons to visit us this month!