Woodgate Nursery will open on Tuesday 19th May – with restricted hours 09:30-15:00 hrs

We will be closed on Mondays and Fridays for the time being, so we can tend to plants.

The Tea Room and toilets will remain closed until further notice.

No children under 16 will be allowed into the nursery for health and safety reasons, as instructed by the government.
Hand sanitizers will be provided, however as it is impossible to clean every plant pot and plant label, we request you wear gloves at all times.
There will be a queue, so please be patient with us.
We will only allow one customer in the shop at one time. 
Thank you for your understanding.

Email your requests to woodgatestaff@outlook.com  and leave your address and telephone number, we will then process the order and call you for verification and payment over the phone.

‘Please can everyone sending an email for an order, give us a phone number so we can call you about about your order.
We are spending so much time emailing back to you asking for phone numbers, and therefore not dealing with orders already placed.


include your number when you send your email. This is so so important, and is the reason why we are so behind on dealing with your requests. Peter’

As new varieties become ready for sale re will update the lists.  Some varieties are already low in stock, so we cannot promise we can provide everyone with their requests, but we will always do the best we can.

When the annuals, ie bedding plants, patio and basket plants are ready we will make a list, probably around the end of April, once the frosts have gone.
We have lots of shrubs available, but do not have the time to make a list, so please can people email their request, and we will call them and let them know what we can provide.

PLEASE NOTE: we are very short staffed, we will do the best we can to supply customers with everything they need, but cannot promise anything.


Calling on the phone is almost pointless as it never stops ringing!
We are doing what we can, and deliveries may be three or four days after the request comes in.

All delivery drivers are instructed to adhere to government rules re social distancing, so please understand why we drop your order off a long way from your front door, and make no contact with you. 

Finally a huge thank you to all my staff and customers who are helping us to survive, without all of you Woodgate Nursery would no longer be here.

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